Anne Zeygerman is  a multidisciplinary visual designer who conceptualizes and creates strong imagery using the adobe creative suite, motion graphics, styling, photography, freehand illustration, painting, and typography.  She's a 2017 TDC Communication Design Winner and a 2018 Graphis New Talent Winner.

Her works are from all types of creative outlet. While her main work is graphic designing don’t be surprised to find that she had some works from make-up, fashion design, set design, theater acting, and at some point she was also a singer who played bass, piano, guitar and drums. She believes that in a lifetime you can constantly reinvent yourself to be different people and for her – that alone is exciting.

Raised by two high ranking military officers in Manila, Philippines, Anne has developed a sense of rebellion. She always seeks things that excites and entices all five senses which helped her to continuously develop her creative and critical thinking. Growing up in a military base gave her the hunger for perfection and at the same time, the rebellious spirit that always seek for beautiful and exhilarating things.

She moved from Manila to New York in 2011 and is currently honing her craft as an artist. Anne currently enjoys cooking, baking and hosting dinner parties at her apartment.

This website showcases her work and things she’s passionate about.

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