Gilded Leaf for an Alternative Placement Cards

Last November 2013 we had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment. There were so many things that our family went through this year and just having all of us together would be beautiful. I decided to glam up the table with DIY gold and silver tassel garland


and a wild flower centerpiece! 




As you can see, each plate had it's own unique placement gilded table "leaf" with the guest's name to add to the magical night that we were planning. What better way to do it than during the fall when the leaves are all changing colors.

These were very easy to make. I found the tutorial through (I'll share the link next later!) I've listed the materials needed below:

-Dried leaves (depends on the no. of your guests)

-cotton balls


-thick book

-gold leaf (you can use a liquid version)


-gold marker

-cover for your working station



1.) Collect dried leaves from the tree not from the ground. (Because these things will be on top of the plates we want to make sure that they're as clean as possible). Collect different leaves with different colors too!

2.) Wipe each leaf with some cotton with alcohol. (I guess people getting sick in my dinner parties is like my worst nightmare hence, the constant cleaning!)

3.) Get a thick book and put them in pages separately a day or two before writing down and painting on them so they get nice, dry and flat.

4.) When that's done. Write down the names and get your gold leaf (i used a liquid gold leaf) and start dusting away!

5.)Set them aside to dry and place them nicely on the plates on party day!

photo 4.JPG

These were so fun and rewarding. Everyone kept theirs by the time the dinner was over. :)

Next time I'll share you how I made the Wild Flower Centerpiece where we had our guest put note cards on what they were thankful for.

For now, here's a picture of our cake that night for dessert. Because no one hates cake.

photo 5.JPG

All three people were celebrating their birthdays that month so it was perfect that we decided on a homemade cake by or neighbor Mari (Bakes awesome desserts btw!) with the cake topper made by me for dessert. 

I think it was nice to end this post with a picture of a cake don't you think? ;)