Chicken Breast Clad in Bacon

Chicken Breast Clad in Bacon

(Or Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast - I just like the word "clad" in general)

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Our house gets all romantic at the sight of Bacon or Chicken. If there’s a language of love meat-style those two are definitely at the top. So why not bring them together?

This is too easy to memorize so when you are confronted with nights craving for meat –this will be your best bet and will easily melt straight to your heart (like literally). You simply cannot say no to chicken breast wrapped in bacon especially when cooking and prep time is 30 mins.

P.S. At the center there’s a melted creamy mozzarella waiting to bring you to heaven.



-       4 slices of bacon (I use uncured ones because if I’m eating bacon, I should at least opt for a healthier choice)

-       Chicken Breast (no skin)

-       Half an inch thick sliced mozzarella (It should look like a thick French fry)

-       Pepper



1.    Turn on the oven to 375 Degrees F.

2.    Pat your chicken breast. We want the top to be somewhat dry but don’t overdo it. The reason for this is because if it’s somewhat wet, the bacon wrap will look steamed and not crispy –and we don’t want that.

3.    Slice the center of your chicken with the knife to create a pocket. Then insert the mozzarella stick.

4.    Crack some pepper on the breast. Then start lining the bacon on your copping board. It should look like a nice bacon sheet. You’re chicken is cold so we need that bacon sheet to hug your chicken.  ;)

5.    Place your steel pan or cast iron pan on the stove on high heat. We need that really hot before we start cooking the chicken clad in bacon.

6.    Place the chicken on top of the bacon sheet and start wrapping each slice on top of the other.

7.    Put pepper on top of your bacon wrapped chicken then place on the hot pan. (We didn’t put oil because when you place fat on top of a hot pan, it will start melting it away. All the goodness in bacon with less fat.)

8.    Brown the sides to a crisp. Should take 3 to 4 minutes each side on a hot pan (It has to be HOT. Otherwise the bacon will stick to the pan. It should be easy to peel off the pan once it’s crispy)

9.    Place in the oven and cook for 15 to 20 mins. (really depends on the size of your breast- not yours I mean the chicken :D)

10. Once cooked, take it out and have it rest for 5 mins.

11. Slice and Serve! Good for two people and what better way to share the sexy meat than with someone you got the hots for.

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Key things to remember:

-Cook in a HOT pan. It'll certainly make or break your dish.

-Stay away from the salt. If you noticed, my recipe didn’t call for any sprinkling of salt. The reason for this is because the bacon is already packed with salt and it’s literally hugging your chicken. I say just serve a salt shaker with the dish should you want more salt. Although, I would doubt that very much.

Bon Appetite Bacon Lovers!